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Caritas means “mercy”. The activities of our parish Caritas to relieve those in need, are divided in 7 axis:

  1. Counselling Centre:
    It is the most recent activity and it is available to all the residents of the Western Peloponnese, regardless of their religion or nationality. The Counselling Centre is a safe place where people can share any issues, difficulties or concerns they may have. Such issues may be of practical or bureaucratic nature, as well as psychological. It is open every Tuesday morning, from 10.00am-12.00noon.
  2. Prison Section:
    The parish priest or deacon along with two members of Caritas visit the prison regularly offering the nearly fifty inmates’ religious, moral and spiritual support as well as the necessities for their personal hygiene, clothes, shoes, etc.
  3. Home Visiting Section:
    Four of the members that belong to this section visit the sick and the elderly and thus create a network of communication, love, and personal relationships with those who need it the most, the weak and those who are alone. If you have someone you would like us to visit do not hesitate to contact us!
  4. Migration Section:
    Two ladies, who are active members in this field, work with the migrants and attend to their needs. They offer coffee and cakes every Sunday after the end of English mass while at the same time Caritas cooperates permanently with the Movement for defending the rights of refugees and migrants (Κίνηση Υπεράσπισης Δικαιωμάτων Προσφύγων και Μεταναστών) to solve urgent matters.
  5. Section for Cemetery Care:
    The chapel is attended and cared for, as well as the graves, for which no living family is left to take over, and overall, the general needs of the Catholic Section of the First Cemetery of Patras. Special attention is paid to two important holidays, Good Friday and the 2nd November, a day dedicated to the deceased. Each year, on those two days, at 15.00pm, an outdoor liturgy takes place in front of the chapel of Madonna delle Grazie where many people attend, Catholics and those of other denominations.
  6. Events Section:
    All members are involved and offer the Christmas tea party and since it has grown popular over the years, it takes place twice. Another important event is the Christmas Bazaar that begins on 29thNovember, on Saint Andrew’s eve and continues for two weeks.
  7. “Company” Section:
    It has been operating for five years and every Tuesday meetings are organized in the parish hall which is open to everyone. The program includes scientific presentations of various subjects with discussions, movie nights, going through photo archives, group games, musical entertainment and much more. We are waiting for you too, every Tuesday at 6.30pm (during winter time) or at 7.30pm (during summer time).