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In our parish, catechism begins at the age of 3 and ends at that of a 100!
Precisely, a dynamic group of volunteer catehchists run the following courses:

Junior class, age 3-6:

- It is a pioneer course which already operates in parishes along Europe and the US. Its’ purpose is that children aged 3-6 attend the Liturgy of the Word in their own language. As soon as the mass begins, the catechists gather the young children to the chapel and they explain to them, in children’s language, the scripture readings of the day, as well as basic elements of our faith, mainly through drawing, songs and prayers.

First Communion Class, 7 years:

- It has been taking place for many decades, as in most parishes. It prepares the children of 2nd grade or older to receive Jesus for the first time in their life in Holy Communion, provided that they have been properly prepared through the sacrament of confession.

Confirmation Class, 8 years:

- It prepares 3rd grade pupils, or older, to confirm their baptism and to accept the gifts of the Holy Spirit through the invocation by the bishop. Confirmation is a requirement for someone who is to become a godparent or to get married, when they reach the appropriate age.

Elementary Class, 9-12 years:

- Its purpose is to inspire children to love the catechism and the church and to remain close to her even after they have received the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation. Through appropriate animations they are taught human and moral values in a pleasant atmosphere.

Adolescent Class, 13-15 years:

- This class addresses teenagers who attend junior high school and it combines catechism with visits to charities and other outdoor activities. Dealing with teenage children is a particular challenge and there is no room for boredom for those who work with them!

Youth Section, 16-35 years:

- A detailed description is given in a different chapter [LINK] since the youth section is one of the six cornerstone establishments of our parish in general, not just catechetical.

Adult Group, 36 yrs and above:

- This section mainly addresses adults who are about to receive the sacraments of Christian initiation (baptism, confirmation and holy communion). At the same time, at every given chance, other parishioners can participate in catechism classes, should they wish to deepen their knowledge in faith and the teaching of the church. We have organized in the past, and we still organize, understandable theological presentations, classes of lectio divina (bible study), parental counselling meetings and also, during the Tuesday meetings, films and documentaries with religious themes are often played.