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The youth plan of Saint Andrew’s parish is based upon the proposals presented by the young people from around Greece, which have been recently collected and carefully processed. In this way Jesus is promoted, directly or indirectly, in worshiping, in volunteer projects, gatherings etc.

To be more precise, the youth of Saint Andrew’s organizes:

- Liturgies for all the parish members, which are prepared by the youngsters themselves.

- Volunteer projects: Visits and donations to philanthropic institutions, to elderly people, various activities that promote environmental protection and support animal rights, making of handmade Christmas and Easter gifts etc.

- Open discussions with specialized scientists regarding matters which concern the young people while, at the same time, the Church’s views is explained thoroughly.

- Pilgrimages

- Attempts to hold meetings with other youth organizations for promoting brotherhood among them (i.e. by participating in the National Youth Meetings and by organizing the summer camp in Zakynthos).

All activities are announced well in advance, so that all who wish to participate may do so, no matter which denomination they belong to.